Built to last lifetimes!

Butt and Pass log homes in my mind are the most important investments you can make. A home should be something that protects and it should be able to offer this protection to many generations of the family.

Unfortunately the truth is that most modern homes will crumble or rot away within 30 years. Modern building practices of building homes from wood frame and / or concrete will only maintain their integrity for as long as they are maintained and the materials used are not affected by externals factors like the weather or insect infestation.



[box type=”info”] From the first day you move in until the day you hand over the keys to your grandchildren, your log home will look like it was built yesterday[/box]

A not very well know truth is that a home built from LOGS is something that will be around for 100’s of years if some very simple preventative measures are taken to maintain the logs. You only need to travel to Northern Europe where you will find Log Homes that have been standing for several hundred years, these are testament to the fact that a home built from LOGS is a home that will last many generations.