Building butt and pass log walls

So you have put down your foundations and it is now time to start building your butt and pass log walls. The butt and pass method of building a log wall is so elegantly simple it almost feels like cheating. So here in very simple steps is how to do it.

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butt and pass method dinning butt and pass log wall

The hardest logs to place down are your first row. You will have rebar poking up from your foundations and a log sitting on the ground, so what to do?

  • Get some scrap wood and nail it together so you now have a piece as log as your log.
  • Take this over to your foundations and mark on the piece of wood where all the rebar are.
  • Now take this over to the log and place it on what will be the bottom of the log and mark the position of the rebar.
  • Drill holes all the way through the log.
  • Pick up the log (spinning it over) and place it onto the rebar.
  • Once the log is in place, cut the rebar so about 15cms pokes out and bend this over along the length of the log.
  • Repeat another 3 times butting the next log against the previous log.
  • You now have the first row of logs.

butt and pass method chink

That is the difficult part over with. Now you will need to build the walls. You have your lifting device of choice, some log dogs, a drill and a BIG hammer, so off we go.

  • Place a log on top of the first row, ensuring you maintain the putt and pass formation, and secure it with your log dogs.
  • Drill a hole through the log – do NOT drill into the bottom log.
  • Get you BIG hammer and hammer the rebar through the hole in the top log and half way into the bottom log.
  • Repeat this every 2 feet a long the log.

Now you keep repeating the above until you have reached your desired height for your walls. The clever thing about building with the butt and pass method is that the walls are self leveling. What I mean is that the very top row of logs should be perfectly level. You will of course depend on your selection of logs for each row. You should carefully try to ensure the logs are of similar size. This level top will enable you to place a roof on top of your wall very easily.

For more FREE information on how to build a butt and pass log home yourself – click HERE

Keeping the whole thing square is not as difficult as you may think. To be honest there is no such thing as perfectly square in a log home built with real logs but you can get really close and it’s very simple. After every 2 rows of logs, you take a piece of string and measure the distance between the diagonal corners. If they are the same, you have a square house. If they are not square you can make a slight adjust on the next row.

That is it. You have now built butt and pass log walls for your butt and pass log home.