Sounds too good to be true, but I can build you a FREE Log Home, if we agree on the following:

You give me some land and the trees on it to build the log homes.

land and logs

That’s it, you give me a plot of land, I build and sell a log home and I then build your log home for FREE.

This is a win – win situation for us both, so if you are interested in having a log home built for FREE then contact me to discuss the details.

Some things to consider about your FREE log home:

You are responsible for the planning and the permits and the associated costs for the planning and the permits for your log home.

I will build a log home to the following specification:

Foundations – Pillar and Post

Log walls and complete roofing system built

All sub flooring and stairs built

All walls chinked

Below is what your FREE log home will look like



Now you have a log home built like the one above ready for the final touches.

The above specifications are for a 35′ x 35′ log home. If you require a different size we can discuss the details.

This log home is now ready for you to install your septic, heating, plumbing, electrical, doors, windows, kitchen, bathrooms and your desired floor coverings.

If you require the log home “finishing – as detailed above” we can discuss these details and the costs (I have done the above for less than $15,000).

That’s it, you are now the proud owner of a fantastic REAL log home that I built for you for FREE.

If however you don’t want a log home but you do have some land with trees, then how about giving me the land and I will build a log home and after I sell it we can split the profit.

Let’s talk contact us

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