We are looking for national or overseas log home investors who are interested in new and profitable log home projects, located in America or Canada. If you are interested in building a log home for yourself or as an investment, then we are the perfect partners for you to work with.

To give you an idea of why a log home is such a good investment I have put together this example for you. Please take note that this is just an example and does not represent true figures, it is only intended to give you the general idea.

A 2013 BMW X6 M will cost you $90,000

Over 5 years it will depreciate by as much as 60%

The car after 5 years will be worth approximately $33,000

A total LOSS of $57,000

A log home built by us will cost approximately $250,000. Based on current market value, your log home will be worth 30% MORE the day you collect your keys!!! That is a profit of $75,000

Four log homes built by us would make you a profit of $300,000

We are happy to discuss any joint venture where we would work with you and build log homes.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

When built correctly, a butt and pass log home can outlive any other type of log house, and it doesn’t require endless coats of stain or other sealants to protect the logs from decay”.

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