Log Home Living

Log Home Living

Log home living is an experience like no other. Log homes offer a unique and rustic style of living with all of the amenities of a traditional stick built home. You can even plan your log home design and layout to suit your lifestyle. From custom beam work to the overall look and feel of your log home, log home living creates an atmosphere for relaxation.

The timeless beauty and craftsmanship of log homes is one of the biggest attractions to consumers. But, being able to design your own log home with a custom floor plan truly makes building a log home a remarkable experience. One great tip for homeowners looking to construct a log home is to study pictures of log homes to get a better idea of what types of styles exist. These pictures and layouts of existing homes can make developing a log home floor plan much easier.

The prospect of building a log home from scratch is not as monumental as it once was. Our method of building, which pays tribute to a time when builders ventured into the woods and built log cabins with little more than their hands, an ax, a saw, and blood, sweat and tears, though now not so much of the last ones.

Today, there are less-expensive energy efficient materials and methods available that simplify the practice of log home building so a home can be constructed with considerably less time and money. The use of established building processes, costs associated with green building, and even floor plan designs, have improved the cost and process of building a log home.

Log Home Living is within your reach

We guarantee we can build you a NEW log home cheaper than anything else you can buy and it will last 100’s of years.

Please contact us and we will be happy to talk to you about your new log home project.


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