Log Home for Sale

Log Home for Sale

If you are looking for a log home for sale than I advise you to STOP.

log home for sale

Log Home for Sale

We can build you a REAL NEW log home for less than the price of an OLD house.

We have been building log homes for many years and each and every home we build is a very personal statement of what we can do. We pride ourselves on our log homes and we work very closely with our clients to ensure they have a log home they will be proud to live in for many years.

Why would you be looking for a log home for sale?

You have seen many log homes in magazines and online but have you up to know in fact seen a REAL log home? The answer is probably NO.

A REAL log home is built from – LOGS…. Now go back and check what you have seen and look closely – are they log?

We help those who are looking for a log home for sale and we say HEY – Why not have us build you a REAL log home and we promise it will be cheaper than anything else you will see.

Why cheaper?

We are a small devoted team and we only do one thing – Build REAL log homes. We don’t have fancy offices and we don’t to pay for advertising to find clients. So you pay for us and the materials (and of course the land).

Stop now if you are looking for a log home for sale

We would be very happy to talk to you about what type of log home you were looking for and we will show you how we can help you own what you were looking for and save you a large amount of money.




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