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Log Homes are Great Investments

A Great Investment


Do you have land that is sitting around doing nothing? If the answer is YES, then why not let me build you a log home for FREE !!!

Of course there is a catch….

You give me a plot (we can talk about how much later) I will build a log home on that plot, sell it and then I build yours for FREE.

Contact me to discuss and visit this page for more details



My Thoughts…

Log homes are a really good investment and the best thing about them is that unlike other styles of buildings, log homes when built our way will be standing for 100’s of years and not falling down before you have repaid your mortgage.

It’s a fact that most homes built today have a lifespan of about 30 years before they will required extensive repairs or renovations.


Log Homes are Great Investments


When you choose a log home, you are choosing a home that you will enjoy for years… in fact, your log home will provide enjoyment for many generations, ensuring a solid, sustainable value. That’s why log homes are great investments.

Gorgeous Construction – The exposed wood look gives a rustic, elegant character to your home.

R-values – Depending on final design, our log homes have a naturally high r-value. This means that your home will warm up quickly in the winter and stay cool, naturally, through the summer.

Sustainable – Your log home is built with a completely natural, sustainable material.

Value – The cost of building a log home is much cheaper than a timber frame home, and will last for generations.

Once you have decided to build a log home, you need to decide who will build your home.

Not all log home builders are the same. We would ask you to do your research and look for the very best log home builder you can find. Of course, we’re pretty confident that we fit that bill, but we encourage you to look around and make an informed choice.

Your log home needs to be built to last. You need to find a builder you can trust; someone with the years of experience and dedication to the craft who you know you can rely on.

Talk to us about building a log home and we will show you what a great investment you are making.


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A man who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist. [/box]


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