Tree Replanting

We take our role within the environment very seriously and one of our policies is to replant 3 trees for every log that we use when we build a log home.

The world needs trees and as a resource for building they can save 1000’s of tonnes of carbon emissions being released in the atmosphere. [ READ HERE FOR MORE INFO ] But we of course would like to help cover our plant with more trees so we have a 3 for 1 policy.


[box type=”info”] For every log we use when we build a log home, we will plant 3[/box]

We have several options for you to consider when we build your log home, first we can offer to plant all or some of the new trees on your land or we will plant the trees in areas that have the need for new trees to be grown. We are 100% committed to this and we take every possible step to ensure that each and every log home that we build has as little effect on the environment as possible.

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