Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Rising energy costs and increasing environmental damage are causing the world to take notice of alternative energy solutions. Wind energy is often cited as a great alternative to grid power. Here’s what it can do for a home.

Wind Energy is Renewable

The world may run out of coal, natural gas and oil, but it will never run out of wind. Using wind energy is a good life-long investment.

Wind Energy is Environmentally Friendly

Producing energy from the wind doesn’t create emissions. It is a clean power source that everyone can feel good about.

Wind Turbines are Reliable

Wind energy turbines are low maintenance compared to other sources of energy. In many areas, wind turbines are known to generate electricity 99 percent of the time.

Wind Turbines Save Money

Adding a hybrid wind turbine to a home grid reduces the load placed on the public grid. This results in lower energy costs for the home.

Wind Turbines Help During Black/Brown Outs

With a wind turbine attached to a home power grid, emergency power can still be available during black outs and brown outs.

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